What is Neurosculpting®

by Molly Campbell, CNSF


Have you ever had someone say to you, ”You should just stop worrying, everything will be OK”, and you wonder, ”How am I supposed to do that?”...or "How do I just stop my emotions, my fears, my anxiety?”  I’ve always taken the position that if someone makes a remark about what I “should do”, it would be great if instead of a vague comment, they would actually offer a real solution!


Well, I now have a personally tried and tested method that I’d like to tell you about called Neurosculpting®.

Neurosculpting®, as the Founder, Lisa Wimberger states: “is a mental training process that quiets our fight-or-flight center and activates our prefrontal cortex, which is the mind’s seat of compassion and empathy.  It also engages left-and-right-brain stimulation and incorporates a somatic awareness for a whole-brain and whole-body approach to meditation and rewiring…(it) helps individuals identify and create a ripe environment for the brain to drop its old stories and prime it to believe a new and better story or belief about oneself.”


I began receiving Neurosculpting® sessions via Zoom during the worst time in my life when I was completely consumed with fear and anxiety about the future... and that was a year BEFORE COVID came into all of our lives!


I found remarkable relief and crisis management in those early personal Neurosculpting® sessions.    This year, when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, and I was isolated at home with the dogs, I decided to embrace a full immersion in the online training program and become a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator. 


It was perfect timing, as I could spend hundreds of hours over many months reading, studying and applying what I learned to my own wide range of emotions and limiting thoughts.  


I fondly referred to myself as my own “lab rat” and each new tool, new aspect of brain anatomy information, meditation experience, calming nervous system practice or  brain-supportive diet information was immediately tried out on myself and proved to be helpful. 


This experience gave me things to do to help me control my responses to the out-of-control, surreal, isolating lockdown world consumed with buying toilet paper, hand sanitizer and masks.


Neurosculpting® has become a daily habit for me since I can use the tools and basic practices to quell fear, calm emotions and develop a creative partnership with my brain instead of being imprisoned by my old programs.


I am pleased to be able to now offer online Neurosculpting® sessions to you through convenient and safe Zoom meetings to help you on your journey to find a happier way to live by incorporating the same tools and practices I have used.


Neurosculpting can help with: 

  • Stress

  • Worry

  • Unhealthy habits

  • Anxiety

  • Fears

  • Nervousness/uncertainty

  • Rewire old brain patterns/stories

  • Free limiting beliefs

  • Calm emotions

If you would like to learn more, please contact me,

Molly Campbell,

Certified Neurosculture® Facilitator

for a free consultation!