More of What to Expect from Neurosculpting®...


That has been my attitude about meditating for my whole life, up until now.   When my husband of 30 years was delivered a sudden and shocking critical and ultimately terminal diagnosis we both began to have Neurosculpting® sessions to deal with how our lives had shattered and deal with the wide gamut of emotions we were feeling. 

The sessions were always on Zoom and we were told to just get comfortable and let our Facilitator do all the work. Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, we got such remarkable results with the Neurosculpting® process, that before my husband passed, he urged me to get certified myself and continue on with my own healing and also facilitate and teach others.

Neurosculpting® was developed by Lisa Wimberger of the Neurosculpting® Institute in Denver, Colorado.  She teaches a very focused, very specific five step process to help us work with our brains to rewrite old stories and beliefs into ones that serve us better.  I was taught by Lisa and her team at the Institute to facilitate and teach others this process.

When you have a session with me over Zoom, you will let me know what your concerns are, whether it’s a fear, some anxiety, a stress factor you’re dealing with, an old pattern that you just can’t break out of, some limiting belief that is holding you back or some other matter that is “up” for you in your life. I will teach you some basic tools that will help you to handle your nervous system better and we’ll talk about some basics like your sleep and nutrition.


I’ll design a meditation that will allow you to work with your brain in a kind of a guided imagery way.  As I was instructed, you will be asked to just get comfortable in a chair or couch, a bed or even on the floor and the only thing you will need to do is listen to my voice.  I will be delivering Lisa’s five step process to you and your brain will be engaged in the process even if you are so relaxed, as I often was, that you fall asleep during the session.  It’s all OK, and if there is one thing I know about Neurosculpting®, it’s that you cannot do it wrong!  Your brain is listening and I know there are absolutely no wrong answers, no wrong feelings, no wrong turns.  Your path is your path. 

The toolkit that Neurosculpting® provided me in my own situation as a new widow is the same one that you will learn. I found it to be simple but very profound and very easy to use in my life.  The more I practiced, the better I got. My own massive fears and anxiety and stresses that were even more heightened due to the COVID lockdown isolating me further, became remarkably much more manageable and what I learned I put into practice every day.

A meditation usually is about 20 minutes long, it is recorded and I will send you the recording for you to listen to twice a day for about a week and then we will meet again to discuss your results. Decisions regarding further sessions to learn or do more are completely an individual thing, tailored to what you need and want.

Every person is different, has different concerns, different emotional states and different goals.  You know you’re different. I honor it all, whatever path you are on, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you on Zoom and support you on your own personal journey.